Model management and testing tool for Coqui STT models

react, python, flask, websocket, speech-recognition, stt, coqui-ai
pip install coqui-stt-model-manager==0.0.12


Coqui STT Model manager

🐸STT Model Manager is a tool for installing and trying out Coqui STT models from the Coqui Model Zoo.


$ pip install coqui_stt_model_manager
$ stt-model-manager

Build and install from source

Build dependencies:

  • Node.JS
  • Yarn
  • Python >=3.6
  • Up-to-date pip/setuptools/wheel packages
$ # Create and activate virtualenv:
$ python -m venv /tmp/venv
$ /tmp/venv/bin/activate
$ # Update Python packaging tools:
$ python -m pip install -U pip setuptools wheel
$ # Install package
$ make install

Development installation (editable, with pre-commit hooks)

$ # Create and activate virtualenv:
$ python -m venv /tmp/venv
$ /tmp/venv/bin/activate
$ # Install package in editable mode:
$ make dev_install
$ # Install pre-commit hooks for development:
$ make install_pre_commit_hooks

Running in development mode (watching file changes and rebuilding automatically)

The following command will watch the React-based front-end files for changes and rebuild automatically:

$ yarn watch

Then, in a separate terminal window run the following to start the Python server in debug mode:

$ # Create and activate virtualenv:
$ python -m venv /tmp/venv
$ /tmp/venv/bin/activate
$ # Start server in debug mode with automatic server reloads:
$ stt-model-manager --debug

For now you have to reload the browser manually. We'd gladly welcome a PR adding auto-refresh functionality :)

Build Python package (sdist/wheel)

$ make package
$ ll dist/