Print strong, memorable passphrases

pip install correct-horse==0.3.0


This program allows you to easily create strong, memorable passphrases.

It reads a specified number of bits of data from your system's CSPRNG, turrns it into a very large number, and prints it out in base 7776.

The result will be something like greet say yaw dunham italy pass navel. If your system has a good random number generator, this should be a reasonably secure password, and also reasonably easy to memorize.

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Help Wanted

This project is set up to localize its output. Translations are welcome.


$ pip3 install correct-horse

Command line usage

$ chbs --help
Usage: chbs [OPTIONS]

  print strong random passphrases (e.g.'correct horse battery staple')

  -w, --wordlist TEXT      list of words to choose from (default=diceware)
  -c, --count INTEGER      number of passphrases (default=8)
  -b, --bits INTEGER       minimum bits of entropy per passphrase (default=90)
  -j, --join TEXT          join words with this character (default=space)
  -v, --verbose / --quiet  print extra stuff to stderr (default=quiet)
  --help                   Show this message and exit.

 $ chbs -b64 -c1 -j-


The simple, high-level, API to generate passwords:

>>> import correcthorse
>>> wl = correcthorse.getwords(('effs1',))
>>> correcthorse.random_passphrase(wl)
('mouth ahead ice open item duty frame navy early', 93.05865002596161)
>>> correcthorse.random_passphrase(wl,64)
('rope chess race half dawn owl repay', 72.37895002019238)
>>> correcthorse.random_passphrase(wl,128,'-')
('habit-vapor-darn-scarf-wilt-boney-lemon-ajar-flap-whoop-fresh-polar-trial', 134.4180500375001)

Note that the entropy estimate is only an estimate. The actual entropy will be closer to, but always at least bits.

If you want to dig deeper:

>>> bn = correcthorse.bignumber(24)
>>> bn.bit_length()
>>> sep = correcthorse.getwords(('special',))
>>> ''.join(correcthorse.genpass(bn,wl,sep))

But that is probably overkill, and makes it a lot harder to memorize and type.