Python-based testing framework

pip install coyote-framework==0.1.1


Coyote Framework

The Coyote Framework is a framework for functional testing. Leveraging both Selenium and Python Requests, it delivers repeatable, reliable, and easy to change tests, reducing downward pressure on both development and testing.

More docs, including examples, will be coming up next.

Example Application

We've dropped an example of how you might implement an application in the /example directory. In there, you'll find two folders: example_app and example_tests. The example app demonstrates how you can implement page objects and locators to instrument a page, in this case There's also a demonstration of how to use the configuration infrastructure, which uses pythons ConfigParser. The example tests directory are tests you would write to test your application. An important note: you need to provide the test framework with the location of the example.cfg file via the TEST_RUN_SETTING_HOST environment variable.

There are two methods of using the TEST_RUN_SETTING_HOST variable.

  1. Simply point it to the absolute path of your config file.

2. A config string such as TEST_RUN_SETTING_CONFIG="browser.headless,scripts.no_ssh" will read paths: NEEDS FIXING


##To run the example:

Install Firefox 31 From to /usr/bin/firefox

Install nose pip install nose

cd example
TEST_RUN_SETTING_CONFIG=example_app/config/example.cfg python -m nose