CQL Kernel for Jupyter based on cqlsh

pip install cql_kernel==3.0.1


A Jupyter kernel for the Apache Cassandra Database

To install:

pip install cql_kernel
python -m cql_kernel.install  [<cassandra hostname>]

You can always rerun the the above command to change the hostname. It's best to restart Jupyter after running it. You can get away with closing your notebook, and then refreshing the main Jupyter page too, but that's error-prone.

To use it, run one of:

ipython notebook
# In the notebook interface, select CQL from the 'New' menu
ipython qtconsole --kernel cql
ipython console --kernel cql


All regular cqlsh syntax is supported.


Use the <TAB> key to invoke auto-complete

%%html magic:

If you start a cell with %%html, the html will be returned and rendered

For details of how this works, see the Jupyter docs on wrapper kernels, and Pexpect's docs on the replwrap module

To build:

python setup.py sdist upload
python setup.py bdist upload