Build automation and Project creation for Minecraft/Spigot/Bukkit, Maven Projects

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pip install craftbuildtools==0.1.6


The Ultimate Minecraft Project Manager

While hacking away on your Minecraft Projects you've likely come to dread the time it takes to one-by-one compile, copy, upload, and then test all your plugins.

No more!

With CraftBuildTools it simplified the entire process with a single command, and rids the one-by-one process with batch compiles, copies, uploads and more!


Installing Latest Release (From PyPi)

$ pip install craftbuildtools

Installing Latest Release (From Github)

$ git clone
$ cd CraftBuildTools
$ python install 

Installing Legacy Release (Only available on GitHub)

$ wget
$ tar xvf legacy.tar.gz
$ cd legacy
$ python install


  • Extremely Simple Project Management.
  • Create a new fully-configured projects in seconds with templates.
  • Edit your project information directly from the CLI
  • Build your projects all at once!
  • Testing Locally? Copy your built projects directly to your server!
  • Running a server? Upload your new builds to your server via FTP!
  • Plugin-Based Design; Enabling you to hack away and make your build process the way you want it!
  • Lightweight, enabling maximum productivity!


Create a Project

Run the command below, and follow its simply prompts!

$ craftbuildtools createproject

What if I want to skip the prompts?

$ craftbuildtools createproject -tp TemplateName

What if my project is hosted on Git?

$ craftbuildtools createproject -tp Bukkit_Plugin --clone

Unlike below, createproject is its own command as it's an extremely complex operation, simplified through awesome design!

Add a Project to be Managed

Enter the command below, and follow the prompts! It's super simple!

$ craftbuildtools projects add

Edit a Projects Information

$ craftbuildtools projects edit

Remove a Project from CraftBuildTools

*Enter the command below, and follow the prompts! *

$ craftbuildtools projects remove

Note: There's also an option to remove the entire project source... Just incase you need it!

List all your available projects!

$ craftbuildtools projects list

Build your Project(s)

$ craftbuildtools build -p ProjOne -p ProjTwo

Clean all the old Files!

$ craftbuildtools clean

Copy all your built project files!

$ craftbuildtools copy -l ~/Location/

Upload your Project(s) build files.

With options defined after you first ran CraftBuildTools

$ craftbuildtools upload

Specify new values to run the upload by, and save them for next time!

$ craftbuildtols upload -h -u Username -p Password -d /Dev/Plugins/ --updateconfig


$ craftbuildtools clean build -p Project -p API -p Plugin copy -l ~/MinecraftPlugins/ upload -d /Dev/Plugins/

See! Isn't that easy?

CraftBuildTools will make your minecraft development experience so pleasant and hassle free, you won't be able to turn back once you've started using it!