Improved ClusterSSH for modern terminals like Terminator and Tilix

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pip install csshy==0.2


CSSHY - Alpha Version

Imporved ClusterSSH for modern terminals like terminator and tilix, to manage a cluster of nodes through ssh connections launches multiple splits with ssh connections to each node

TODO to go beta

This project was created in a single Hackathon, so still have a long run to be beta quality. Any help is appreciated:

  • Add command line arguments to create/remove/modify cluster so there is no need to edit json files
  • Improve guess terminal detection for other DE (KDE and XFCE at least)
  • Add more backends
  • Make it compatible with other platforms (at least OS X)
  • Improve terminator code to use tempfile instead of creating a profile inside terminator
  • Write automated unit tests
  • Improve overall code quality

Migrate from csshnator

If you are a previous csshnator user, you can migrate your old configuration with migrate_settings_from_csshnator.py script, just run it to get your cluster settings migrated


To install you need to have Python 3 (tested with 3.6 but might work with older versions) and pip. Then you just need to:

pip install csshy


To use it, just pass all hostnames as arguments on command line, like that:

csshy -l user host1 host2 host3

You can also create a config file with all the clusters listed in a json format, and also adjust your default terminal: $HOME/.csshy.conf

  "terminal": "guess",
  "cluster_nodes": {
      "cluster1": [
      "cluster2": [

In terminal you can choose between guess, terminator, tilix and cssh. When you choose guess csshy will try it best to guess wich terminal to use.

To use the cluster you created just pass the -c argument

csshy -l <user> -c <clustername>


csshy -l thor27 -c cluster1

For more usage information you can consult the help:

./csshy --help

usage: csshy.py [-h] [-l LOGIN] [-s] [-c CLUSTER_NAME] [-t TERMINAL]
                [cluster_nodes [cluster_nodes ...]]

Open ClusterSSH-like session on Terminator or Tilix

positional arguments:
  cluster_nodes         Hostnames or user@hostname to connect to, separated by

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l LOGIN, --login LOGIN
                        Login username to pass to all hosts used.
  -s, --show            Show all clusters available.
  -c CLUSTER_NAME, --cluster-name CLUSTER_NAME
                        Cluster name is a collection of hosts available on
                        ~/.csshy.conf file
  -t TERMINAL, --terminal TERMINAL
                        Choose terminal to use (tilix, terminator, cssh)