Automation and orchestration framework and CLI written in Python

cumin, automation, orchestration, clustershell, devops, puppet
pip install cumin==2.0.0


Cumin - An automation and orchestration framework

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Cumin provides a flexible and scalable automation framework to execute multiple commands on multiple hosts in parallel.

It allows to easily perform complex selections of hosts through a user-friendly query language which can interface with different backend modules and combine their results for a fine grained selection. The transport layer can also be selected, and can provide multiple execution strategies. The executed commands outputs are automatically grouped for an easy-to-read result.

It can be used both via its command line interface (CLI) cumin and as a Python 3 only library. Cumin was Python 2 only before the 3.0.0 release, due to ClusterShell not yet being Python 3 compatible.

Cumin GIF

The documentation is available on Wikimedia Documentation and Read the Docs. The details on how Cumin it's used at the Wikimedia Foundation are available on Wikitech.