Cumulio Python SDK for the Core API

pip install cumulio==0.1.2



Python Package

You will need Python Version >= 3.7

pip install cumulio

Development Install

You can install cumulio this way if you want to modify the source code. You're going to need Poetry: please refer to the Poetry installation documentation in order to install it.

git clone && cd cumulio-sdk-python
poetry install

Usage and Examples

Create a dataset:

from cumulio.cumulio import Cumulio

key = "Your key"
token = "Your token"

client = Cumulio(key, token)
dataset = client.create("securable", {"type": "dataset", "name" : {"en":"Example with python sdk"}})
client.update("securable", dataset[" "], {"description":{"en":"This is an example description"}})

Update description of dataset:

client.update("securable", dataset["id"], {"description":{"en":"Joost edited"}})

Create a column in the dataset:

burrito_column = client.create('column', { "type": 'hierarchy', "format": '',"informat": 'hierarchy', "order": 0,"name": {"nl": 'Type burrito'}})
client.associate("securable", dataset["id"], "Columns", burrito_column["id"])

Add Values to the column:

client.create("data", dataset["id"], {"securable_id": dataset["id"],"type": "append", "data": [["sweet"], ["sour"]]})

Replace Values in the column:

client.create("data", {"securable_id": dataset["id"],"type": "replace", "data": [["bitter"], ["salty"]]})