A Cython wrapper around the Pico face detection library.

pip install cypico==0.2.7



A Cython wrapping of the pico face detection project.

Please see the file for information on the licensing.


Install using Python: python install


Loading Pico Models

By default, Pico models are saved down as raw data, loaded into a char* array, then cast into the members of the C-struct they actually represent.

To make this cleaner, the C-struct would need to be created in cypico so that Pico models can be properly loaded and saved. Then, the Pico struct could be wrapped inside a Python object so that they could be loaded off of disk and passed around properly. This would also solve the pretty strange paradigm I've had to take in order to get the prebuilt frontal face model passed into the generic Pico detector.

Ideally, Pico models would be wrapped by some Python object (with a proper Cython struct wrapping a C-struct being held) and then the frontal face detector would be one of these objects and would be loaded off of disk at runtime as opposed to compiled into the detector.

Training Pico Models

Training code is not currently wrapped. The issue of loading Pico models must be solved before training could be properly attempted.