Python package with Czech public holidays

pip install czech-holidays==0.1.3


Czech Holidays

Python package with Czech public holidays.


From PyPI:

pip install czech-holidays

In case you have an adventurous mind, give a try to the source:

pip install git+


Czech Holidays provides the following interface:

>>> from czech_holidays import czech_holidays
>>> holidays = czech_holidays(2022)
>>> holidays[:3]
[Holiday(, 1, 1), name='NovĂ˝ rok', name_en="New Year's Day"),
 Holiday(, 1, 1), name='Den obnovy samostatného českého státu', name_en='Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State'),
 Holiday(, 4, 18), name='Velikonoční pondělí', name_en='Easter Monday')]

The function accepts year as a single argument and returns a list of named tuples:

>>> holidays[0].date, 1, 1)
>>> holidays[0].name
'NovĂ˝ rok'
>>> holidays[0].name_en
"New Year's Day"

Albeit named, it's still just a tuple:

>>> holidays[0][0], 1, 1)
>>> holidays[0][1]
'NovĂ˝ rok'
>>> holidays[0][2]
"New Year's Day"
>>> tuple(holidays[0])
(, 1, 1), 'NovĂ˝ rok', "New Year's Day")
>>> holidays[0] < holidays[5]

Two shortcuts are available:

>>> from czech_holidays import czech_easter, czech_christmas
>>> czech_easter(2022)
Holiday(, 4, 18), name='Velikonoční pondělí', name_en='Easter Monday')
>>> czech_christmas(2022)
Holiday(, 12, 24), name='Štědrý den', name_en='Christmas Eve')

The aim of this library is to simplify work with Czech public holidays in current applications, thus it does not provide any historical data. If provided with a year prior to the last legislative change to the list, the library raises an error:

>>> czech_holidays(2013)
Traceback (most recent call last):
NotImplementedError: ...


Install using poetry:

git clone
cd czech-holidays
poetry install

Then run tests:


License: MIT

© 2022 Honza Javorek <>

This work is licensed under MIT license.