Democritus functions for working with JSON.

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pip install d8s-json==0.3.0


Democritus JSON

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Democritus functions[1] for working with JSON.

[1] Democritus functions are simple, effective, modular, well-tested, and well-documented Python functions.

We use d8s (pronounced "dee-eights") as an abbreviation for democritus (you can read more about this here).


pip install d8s-json


You import the library like:

from d8s_json import *

Once imported, you can use any of the functions listed below.


  • def json_files(directory_path: str) -> List[str]:
        """Find all json files in the given directory_path."""
  • def json_read(json_string: str):
  • def json_read_first_arg_string_decorator(func):
        """Load the first argument as JSON (if it is a string)."""
  • def json_write(file_path, json_content, **kwargs):
        """Write the json_content to the file_path."""
  • def json_prettify(json_object):
  • def json_pretty_print(json_string):
        """Pretty print the json so it is readable."""
  • def json_search(json_data, value_to_find):
        """Find the value_to_find in the json_data."""
  • def json_structure(json_data):
        """Print out the structure of the given json blob."""
  • def json_path_dot_notation_to_bracket_notation(json_path_dot_notation: str) -> str:
        """Convert the given json path from dot notation to bracket notation (foo.bar -> ["foo"]["bar"])."""
  • def json_path_bracket_notation_to_dot_notation(json_path_dot_notation: str) -> str:
        """Convert the given json path from bracket notation to dot notation (["foo"]["bar"] -> foo.bar)."""


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