Dash Google Auth Email

pip install dash-google-auth-email==1.9.99


Dash Google Auth Email

Dash Google Auth Email is a simple library using Google OAuth to authenticate and view a Dash app. This project is almost entirely sourced from the parernt project dash-google-auth

This Library uses Flask Dance and a modified version of Plotly's own dash auth for authentication.

Basic Use

Authentication can be added to your Dash application using the GoogleOAuth class, i.e.

from dash import Dash
from flask import Flask
from dash_google_auth_email import GoogleOAuth

server = Flask(__name__)

app = Dash(__name__, server=server, url_base_pathname='/', auth='auth')

authorized_emails = [...]
additional_scopes = [...]
auth = GoogleOAuth(app, authorized_emails, additional_scopes)

# your Dash app here :)


Steps to try this out yourself:

  1. Install the dash-google-auth-email library using pip:

    $ pip install dash-google-auth-email
  2. Follow the Flask Dance Guide to create an app on the google admin console

  3. Make a copy of app.py and set the variables (or set the corresponding environment variables):

    server.config["GOOGLE_OAUTH_CLIENT_ID"] = ...
    server.config["GOOGLE_OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET"] = ...

    with values from the Google OAuth 2 client you should have set up in step 1. If you've set these up properly, you can find them at APIs & Services > Credentials under the section OAuth 2.0 client IDs.

  4. Replace authorized_emails in app.py with whatever Google emails you want to grant access to your app. It is recommended that you getting these from a persistance layer.

  5. Run python app.py and open localhost in a browser window to try it out! If the app loads automatically without prompting a Google login, that means you're already authenticated -- try using an incognito window in this case if you want to see the login experience for a new user.