Mocked-up LDAP connection library

ldap, ldapv3, ldap-client, python, testing-tools
pip install dataflake.fakeldap==3.0


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This package offers a mock python-ldap library that can be used for testing code relying on python-ldap without having to configure and populate a real directory server.

Starting with version 3.0 the library will behave just like python-ldap version 3.3 or higher:

  • distinguished names, relative distinguished names, attribute names and queries are expected to be native un-encoded string values.
  • attribute values are expected to be bytes values.

If you pass the wrong type of string, the library will raise a TypeError. See for a short description of this behavior.

Since queries are un-encoded string values and attribute values passed in the query would never match bytes values in the data store, searches will always test against both unencoded and bytes values.


Full documentation is available at

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