Commands to manage project integration with Gitlab.

pip install datakit-gitlab==0.4.0


DataKit Gitlab plugin

Commands to manage project integration with Gitlab.


  • Runs initial git commands to bootstrap a project (init/add/commit)
  • Creates Gitlab project
  • Links local repo to newly created Gitlab project
  • Pushes first commit to new Gitlab project

Setup instructions

Assuming you have datakit installed, run the following to install the datakit-gitlab plugin:

$ pip install datakit-gitlab

Create a configuration file at ~/.datakit/plugins/datakit-gitlab/config.json with the following structure:

  "gitlab_url": "GITLAB_URL",
  "default_namespace": "YOUR_NAMESPACE",

GITLAB_URL is the URL of your Gitlab instance.

YOUR_NAMESPACE is your user name or the organization namespace.

PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN is your Personal Access Token.

Gitlab Personal Access Tokens can be obtained under User Settings > Access Tokens. You will need to make a token with both api and sudo privileges. More information on Gitlab Personal Access Tokens can be found here:


This plugin should be used in tandem with datakit-project.

Project creation

After installing the plugin:

# Assuming you create a local project called Foo
$ datakit project create
$ cd foo/
$ datakit gitlab integrate

Creating issues

You can quickly create a new issue using the following command:

$ cd foo/
$ datakit gitlab issues add --title "Some new issue"


This plugin was created with Cookiecutter and the associatedpress/cookiecutter-datakit-plugin project template (a modified version of the most excellent audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage).