Python wrapper for v2 of the Datasmoothie API.

surveys, market, research, weighting, significance, tests
pip install datasmoothie==0.13


Python wrapper for Datasmoothie


This is the python wrapper for the Datasmoothie API. Datasmoothie is a platform that helps people with data processing and visualisation of survey data, weighting and recoding to visualising in interactive dashboards.

The Datasmoothie API is organised around REST. The API has resource oriented URLs, accepts form-encoded requests, returns JSON-encoded responses and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication and verbs.

Install and import

Install the client library via the command line:

pip install --upgrade datasmoothie

We recommend importing datasmoothie and preserving the namespace:

import datasmoothie


The Datasmoothie API uses API keys to authenticate requests. Datasmoothie users each have their own API key automatically associated with them.

Your API key grants you many privileges, make sure to keep it safe! Don’t check it into a code repository or share it with anyone. Each user should have their own API so that permissions can be revoked if necessary.

To use your API key:

import datasmoothie
client = datasmoothie.client(api_key = "[your_key]")

The client object can then be used to easily interface with the API.

Example usage

datasource = client.get_datasource(id)
datasource.update_meta_and_data(meta=json_file, data=csv_file)