Export Day One journal using Jinja2 templates

pip install dayone_export==1.0.0


Export Day One journal entries into html, text, or another format using a Jinja template.

by Nathan Grigg

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Use pip:

pip install dayone_export

You can also use easy install (easy_install dayone_export) or download the source and install (python install).

Depending on how your Python installation is configured, you may need extra permissions to install packages. If so, prefix the installation command by sudo and a space.

Any of these methods will also install the dependencies Jinja2, pytz, python-dateutil, and Markdown.

Quick start

Export your entire journal with

dayone_export --output journal.html /path/to/Journal.dayone

To see available options, run

dayone_export --help

Custom templates and advanced options

You can specify a custom template using the command line option --template.

You can permanently override the default template by creating a new template named default.html and saving it in the folder ~/.dayone_export.

Full documentation and information about creating new templates is available at Read the Docs.