Discord bot list poster and stats retriever

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A poster for Discord bot lists

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dbots helps Discord bot developers group all your statistic posting needs into one poster, complete with seperate posting, and a loop to post to all services every n seconds.


Python 3.6 or higher is required! You can install dbots by running this command:

# Linux/macOS
python3 -m pip install -U dbots

# Windows
py -3 -m pip install -U dbots


See other examples here.

Example with client

Currently, only discord.py is supported as a usable client. (You can use any derivative of discord.py as long as it does not interfere with important properties used by dbots.)

import discord
import dbots

client = discord.Client()
poster = dbots.ClientPoster(client, 'discord.py', api_keys = {
    'top.gg': '',
    'discord.bots.gg': ''

async def on_ready():
    print('Logged on as', client.user)
    await poster.post()
    # This posts to all lists every 30 minutes
    # You can stop the loop with `poster.kill_loop()`

async def on_auto_post(response):
    print('Auto-Post:', response)

You can also define the event you want to get by adding an argument to the decorator.

async def some_function(response):

Example without client

import dbots

client_id = '1234567890'
def server_count():
  return 100
def user_count():
  return 100
def voice_connections():
  return 0

# `server_count`, `user_count`, and `voice_connections` can either be regular functions or coroutines
poster = dbots.Poster(client_id, server_count, user_count, voice_connections, api_keys = {
    'top.gg': '',
    'discord.bots.gg': ''


Supported Services

Adding Custom Services

You can add custom services by extending from the base service class (dbots.Service) and overriding the _post method.
Make sure to add the custom service class to the service keymap. (dbots.Service.SERVICE_KEYMAP) An example of adding a custom service can be shown here.

Adding a custom post function

You can add a custom post event by defining on_custom_post in the initialization of a Poster.
This function can be used when executing poster.post('custom') and when all services are being posted to. An example of adding a custom post function can be shown here.


Any contribution may be useful for the package! Make sure when making issues or PRs that the issue has not been addressed yet in a past issue/PR.

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