Commonly used functions/utilities for DDF file model.

etl, ddf, datasets, recipe, dataset
pip install ddf-utils==1.0.14



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ddf_utils is a Python library and command line tool for people working with Tabular Data Package in DDF model. It provides various functions for ETL tasks, including string formatting, data transforming, generating datapackage.json, reading data form DDF datasets, running recipes, a decleative DSL designed to manipulate datasets to generate new datasets, and other functions we find useful in daily works in Gapminder.


Python 3.6+ is required in order to run this module.

To install this package from pypi, run:

$ pip install ddf_utils

To install from the latest source, run:

$ pip install git+

For Windows users

If you encounter failed to create process when you run the ddf command, please try updating setuptools to latest version:

$ pip3 install -U setuptools

and then reinstall ddf_utils should fix the problem.


Check the documents for how to use ddf_utils.