Python Distribution Logger, Debugger and Utilities

pip install debug-tools==2.6.20


Debug Tools

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Basic logger for Python logging module.


pip install debug_tools

Or clone this repository locally by running the commands:

git clone
cd debugtools

Then, run python install or python develop to install it on development mode.

from debug_tools import getLogger

# Enable debug messages: (bitwise)
# 0   - Disabled debugging.
# 1   - Basic logging messages.
# 2   - AgentPlayer       class' notices.
# 4   - StickIntelligence class' notices.
# 127 - All debugging levels at the same time.
log = getLogger( 127, __name__ )
log( 1, "Debugging" )

Cleaning the log file every start up

If you are logging the debug output to a file and you would like to clean/erase all the log file contents, every time you re-create the logger, you need first to unlock the log file lock, otherwise, the file contents are not going to be erased.

To unlock your log file, you just need to call log.setup(""), with an empty string before creating a new logger.

On Sublime Text, this could be done with te following:

from debug_tools import getLogger
log = getLogger(debug_enabled, "wrap_plus", "wrapplus.txt", mode='w')

def plugin_unloaded():

Dynamically Reloading It

If you want to reload the debug tools code on the fly, you can use this to import it:

import imp
import debug_tools.logger

imp.reload( debug_tools.logger )
from debug_tools.logger import Debugger
from debug_tools.logger import getLogger

log = getLogger(1, "LSP")

Using file logger configuration

If you want to load the logger configuration from a file, you need to replace the standard logging module class with this one:

import logging
import debug_tools

if log_config:

    with open(log_config, 'r') as f:
        logging.Logger.manager = debug_tools.Debugger.manager
        logging.Logger.manager.setLoggerClass( debug_tools.Debugger )


Sublime Text Dependency

To use this as a Package Control Dependency create this dependencies.json file on the root of your Package:

    "windows": {
        ">3000": [
    "*": {
        "*": [

Update estimated_time_left from upstream

To update the subtree all/debug_tools/estimated_time_left, from upstream updates you can use the command:

git subtree pull --prefix=all/debug_tools/estimated_time_left master

To send updates back to the upstream, use the following command:

git subtree push --prefix=all/debug_tools/estimated_time_left master


See the file LICENSE.txt