A CLI interface for

pip install dev-cli==0.2.0



A CLI interface for

Please note before using that you should put your API key in the DEV_API_KEY environment variable. If you prefer, when starting the program will also look for a .env file in the working directory.

You can get this tool simply by doing a:

pip install dev-cli


You can publish a Markdown file directly to using DEV-CLI. Your Markdown file must be identical to what you would input directly in the website's interface.

Something else that you should take in account is the key. Indeed, when an article is created the API ID isn't retrofitted to the Markdown file since this would get a little bit messy. Instead, you have several options to map your local files to your remote articles.

Namely you can use the cover_picture, the canonical_url or the title from the front matter. Please note that whatever you chose it must be set in the front matter, otherwise the program will fail. The default key is canonical_url, because it won't appear in your source file unless you know what you're doing.

Please note that you don't have to use the same key every time. Suppose that you use the title but want to change it, you can do one sync with cover_picture instead of title as long as you don't change both at the same time.

To publish using the canonical_url:

python -m dev_cli publish ~/dev/dev-blog/

To publish using another key:

python -m dev_cli publish -k title ~/dev/dev-blog/

In case of conflict the first found article will be updated.