Diderot - Test Driven Development for RDF/OWL Ontologies

pip install diderot==0.1



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Diderot is a framework for Test Driven Development of RDF/OWL ontologies.

Learn how to build maintainable and flexible ontologies using a test, refactor, and retest cycle.

The documentation is available at http://diderot.readthedocs.org


To install Diderot one can simply

pip install diderot

More on installation here.

A quick example

Checking expected facts

In this example we can check if expected facts can be inferred from the ontology. Consider this simple ontology:

:Human rdfs:subClassOf :Mortal .
:Icaro a :Human .

It says that Human is a sub class of Mortal, and that Icaro is a human. From this one can simply infer that Icaro is mortal.

Moreover, as the domain and range of the property rdfs:subClassOf is rdfs:Class and owl:Class is sub class of rdfs:Class, both Mortal and Human are instances of owl:Class. So, the expected facts are:

:Icaro a :Mortal .
:Mortal a owl:Class .
:Human a owl:Class .

To test if the expected facts are indeed inferred by the given ontology we can implement this simple Python code:

from diderot import DiderotTestCase, can_infer

class ExpectedFactsTestCase(DiderotTestCase):

    def test_check_expected_facts(self):
        EXPECTED_FACTS_FILE = "path/to/expected_facts.n3"
        ONTOLOGY_FILE = "path/to/ontology.n3"

More examples and full API documentation on: http://diderot.readthedocs.org