Search Digi-Key from your terminal

pip install digiglass==1.0.4



Search Digi-Key from your terminal

Searching Digi-Key can be a pain. Here's a list of things I do every time I search for an item:

  • Filter by "In Stock"
  • Filter by "Quantity Desired: 1"
  • Sort by price, ascending

Each of those actions takes a click and a couple seconds to load. I can automate these tasks and do most of the work from the command line.


  • Search for blue LEDs:
    digiglass blue led
  • Search for 470-ohm resistors in the through-hole category:
    digiglass -c 'through hole resistor' 470 ohm
  • Browse all resistor kits:
    digiglass --category 'resistor kit'

-c and --category are interchangeable. Category names support fuzzy search - you can type part of the name and the proper category will probably appear.


This is a Python 3 script, so use pip3 to install:

pip3 install digiglass


Specify a filter to be used during a search like this: digiglass --filter some_new_filter

You can customize the filters used by Digiglass by modifying ~/.digiglass. It's a YAML file that looks like this:

        in_stock: true
        lead_free: false
        rohs_compliant: false
        sort_by: '1000011'  # Unit price, USD, ascending
        min_quantity: 1
        lead_free: true
        rohs_compliant: true

    default_filter: my_filter

Valid options are:

  • in_stock: Item must be in stock
  • lead_free: Item must be lead free
  • rohs_compliant: Item must be RoHS compliant
  • sort_by: The column by which to sort results
  • min_quantity: At least this many of this item must be available

Every field in a filter is optional.

default_filter is used when no filter is specified.

Fields not specified in a requested filter use the default filter's settings.


Having issues? Try clearing the app's cache: digiglass --clear-cache

Still having issues? Odds are Digi-Key changed their HTML format. They probably broke the app's screen scraping. Let me know and I'll try and fix it—or dig in yourself! Screen scraping is fun.


Bug reports, fixes, or features? Feel free to open an issue or pull request any time. You can also tweet me at @mplewis or email me at matt@mplewis.com.


Copyright (c) 2014 Matthew Lewis. Licensed under the MIT License.