Directional Statistics in Python

pip install directionalstatspy==0.0.3



Circular/Directional statistics for Python! The usual thing to do is to use the pretty amazing circular package in R, but R has messy syntax and I've found it to be much slower than solutions built on Numpy. So here is a Python solution!


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You probably saw that title above and thought I'd give you usage notes. Well I can't right now because I have limited free time and would rather go to the movies to unwind now and then than give you beautiful documentation. Here's some mediocre documentation instead!

Everything is a Pandas dataframe or series. Pass a pandas dataframe of degrees or radians or sin-cos matrix to the appropriate function and the function will return a pd.DataFrame or a pd.Series with the appropriate values. Simple as that! Ain't that beautiful?

As the library becomes more complicated (which is to say, as I encounter more problem I need to solve of this variety), it may become more complicated. But really, DataFrames and Series are beautiful and dandy for now :-)

Is this project still alive?

Is sort of a good answer? Directionalstatspy does everything I need to do for my application, so until I need it to do something more it probably won't see much in the way of updates.