View and search for artists, labels and releases in the Discogs.com library, from the command line.

pip install discogs-cli-savoy1211==1.1.0




discogs-cli bring the Discogs.com database to your terminal. Perform the following actions from your terminal

  • Search artists, releases, labels
  • View artist information and their releases
  • View label details and its associated releases
  • View a release in detail

Access to search functionality

Discogs requires authentication when accessing the search APIs. If you wish to use the search functionality, you're required to generate a personal access token for your discogs.com account. You can do so at https://www.discogs.com/settings/developers by clicking generate new token.

Before starting your application set the TOKEN shell variable. where sys64738 is your unique access token.

$ export TOKEN=sys64738


To install from PyPi, please use pip or easy_install. For example

$ pip install discogs-cli


$ easy_install discogs-cli

Note that installing into a virtualenv is generally recommended. If you wish to install the latest and greatest via github source, please ensure you've created a virtual environment.

$ virtualenv ~/.virtualenv/discogs-cli
$ source ~/.virtualenv/discogs-cli/bin/activate

Fetch and install the package from github

$ pip install git+https://github.com/jesseward/discogs-cli.git

Once installed, run discogs-cli to launch the interactive command prompt.

$ discogs-cli

To launch commands from the console

$ ogs <command> [params] [options]


  • Currently runs on a Unix like operating system only (Linux/OSX). If you can test and patch use for windows, please log a pull request.


discogs-cli builds upon the following awesome Python libraries