A package allowing you to display interactive help in Discord easily

Discord, Interactive, Help
pip install discord-interactive==1.1


Discord Interactive Help


A Discord python framework to display an interactive help easily.


  • 🔆 Easy to naviguate : Use reactions to naviguate through the Help manual.
  • Customized reaction : Use any emoji as naviguation icon.
  • 🎮 Commands support : Go even further with interactive commands.

How to use

Download the package :

pip install discord-interactive

Import the Page and Help objects into your bot's code, and create your own help manual :

from discord_interactive import Page, Help

# Define each page
root = Page('Welcome !\n')
page_1 = Page('This is page 1', parent=root)
page_2 = Page('This is page 2', parent=page_1, root=root)

# Link pages together
page_1.add_link(page_2, 'Click this icon to access page 2', '💩')
root.add_link(page_1, 'Click this icon to access page 1')

# Create the Help object
client = discord.Client()
h = Help(client, root)

# And display the help !
await h.display(message.author)

For a full working example, please take at this Repl.it.

Or you can simply experience the interactivity of this full working example by joining this Discord server. Just type /help in the chat !

Further details

The basic usage was shown in this README. If you are interested in more detailed explanations or advanced usage, such as interactive commands, please take a look at the wiki !

Example of advanced usage :


If you can't find what you are looking for, you can open an issue.


  • This idea was already known for some time, I didn't get the idea myself. I just wanted to share an easy framework to implement it for your own bot.

  • This is working only with the Python Discord API.