Orderable change lists and inlines done right^Wsimple

pip install django-admin-ordering==0.14.0


django-admin-ordering -- Orderable change lists and inlines done right^Wsimple

CI Status

Please refer to the Travis CI build linked above for the currently supported combinations of Python and Django.


pip install django-admin-ordering, and add admin_ordering to INSTALLED_APPS.


First, you need a model ordered by an integer field. If you are happy with a model where 1. the ordering field is called ordering and 2. the ordering field is automatically initialized so that new objects are ordered last you can also inherit the abstract admin_ordering.models.OrderableModel model.

Orderable change lists

from admin_ordering.admin import OrderableAdmin

class MyModelAdmin(OrderableAdmin, admin.ModelAdmin):
    # The field used for ordering. Prepend a minus for reverse
    # ordering: "-order"
    ordering_field = "order"

    # You may optionally hide the ordering field in the changelist:
    # ordering_field_hide_input = False

    # The ordering field must be included both in list_display and
    # list_editable:
    list_display = ["name", "order"]
    list_editable = ["order"]

Orderable inlines

from admin_ordering.admin import OrderableAdmin

class MyModelTabularInline(OrderableAdmin, admin.TabularInline):
    model = MyModel

    # Same as above; "-order" is also allowed here:
    ordering_field = "order"
    # ordering_field_hide_input = False

OrderableAdmin comes with a default of extra = 0 (no extra empty inlines shown by default). It is strongly recommended to leave the changed default as-is, because otherwise you'll end up with invalid inlines just because you wanted to change the ordering.


  • Starting with Django 1.9 newly created inlines are automatically assigned a good ordering value. Earlier versions do not support the required formset:added signal.
  • OrderableAdmin can be used both for inlines and parents, but this also means that you cannot register a model directly with OrderableAdmin.
  • Using django-admin-ordering with filtered or paginated lists may produce unexpected results. The recommendation right now is to set list_per_page to a bigger value and not reordering filtered changelists.
  • Note that django-admin-ordering assigns ordering values in increments of 10, emphasizing that the ordering value should not have any significance apart from giving relative ordering to elements.