Django Admin Theme is a drop-in CSS replacement for the Django Admin app.

pip install django-admintheme==0.2


Django Admin Theme

Django Admin Theme is a CSS-only skin for the Django's Admin app. This allows projects that make customizations to the standard admin templates to work without modification.

Screen shots


  1. Install the app with pip install django-admintheme.

  2. Add admintheme to the top of INSTALLED_APPS:

        # ...

How to Contribute

  • Submit bugs.
  • Give Feedback.
    • Enter feedback as a bug (see above).
    • We'll keep it open for some discussion, if necessary, depending on other feedback.
  • Submit Patches.
    • Types of patches:
      • Updates to the test_pages files for missed cases.
      • Documentation updates
      • SCSS updates
    • Submit a pull request!

    • Include a screen shot if it is a different look so others can give feedback without having to download and install the fork.