Social provider for django-allauth - ID4me

pip install django-allauth-id4me==0.0.11



Extension library for django-allauth to support ID4me ( as social login provider.

Specification reference

  • Version: 1.0
  • Revision: 02


Install the package from pip

pip install django-allauth-id4me

Configure django-allauth if not yet installed

See documentation

Configure django project

Add allauth_id4me to INSTALLED_APPS in your

    # ... include the providers you want to enable:

Run migrations in your django project

python migrate

Add social client configuration

Start your django project

python.exe runserver localhost:8000

Open /admin application http://localhost:8000/admin/

Go to Home › Social Accounts › Social applications and add new application:

  • Provider: ID4me
  • Name: the name of your application (will appear on login screen)
  • Client id: wished client_id, may however not be respected
  • Secret key: not used, fill with dummy value

Open http://localhost:8000/accounts/login/ and test the login with ID4me!

Template customization

To present own ID4me login page it is enough to place new template in id4me folder inside your templates dictionary named login.html. Minimum required content:

<form id="id4me_login_form" class="id4me_login" method="post" action="{% url 'id4me_login' %}">
    {% csrf_token %}
    <button type="submit">Sign In</button>


version date changes
0.0.13 2019-03-05 - IMPROVEMENT: setting always state for increased compatibility
0.0.12 2019-03-05 - NEW FEATURE: input field to set cookie and remember ID
0.0.11 2019-02-27 - BUGFIX: Client registration updated when re-registered