America's Finest Namespace

pip install django-bulbs==3.24.dev1


DEPRECATED: This project is now part of the Mono Repo

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django-bulbs is a set of apps used to power content at The Onion.

This project very much under active development, and is currently not as reusable as it could be.

Setting up virtual env

virtualenv .
source bin/activate

First, enter any virtualenv, etc, that you plan on developing in.

pip install -e .
pip install "file://$(pwd)#egg=django-bulbs[dev]"

Running Tests

  1. Clone, setup, and start onion-services.
  2. Run ./scripts/init_db
  3. Run ./scripts/test

A relative path to a folder or file can be given to ./scripts/test to run only a specific subset of tests.

Building Docs

cd docs
make html