Changelog as a service

pip install django-chaas-backend==0.0.3


django-chaas-backend - Changelog as a service

django-chaas-backend is a reusable Django app which provides a RESTful API to query changes for source code repositories. This can be useful if you are interessted in changes or you need to create a changelog which you are currently packaging (i.r. RPM packaging).

Managament commands

There are a couple of Django management commands implemented. Theses commands are useful for debugging and maintenance.


This command checks the available repositories in the database and clones newly added repositories. Try:

$ ./ repository_cloner -h

Hacking and contributing

Fork the repository on Github to start making your changes to the master branch (or branch off of it). Don't forget to write a test for fixed issues or implemented features whenever appropriate. You can invoke the testsuite from the repository root directory via tox:

$ tox