Django cnotes provides a simple cookie based user notification system.

django, middleware, cookies, messaging, notifications
pip install django-cnote


Django Cnotes

Django cnotes provides a simple cookie based user notification system.

Why not use Django's own messaging system or django-notification? While both good solutions, they are a bit more heavy weight than cnotes. Specifically they can only send messages to logged in users and they involve hitting the database to find any queued messages.

Cntoes is different in that it keeps all messaging information in signed cookies and memory. This way it can send, tamper-proof notifications to both authenticated and anonymous users, without ever touching the database.


  1. Add the cnotes directory to your python path.
  2. Add cnotes.middleware.CnotesHandlerMiddleware to the MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES variable in your file.


Adding new messages:

import cnotes
cnotes.add('My message')

Getting, clearing and printing all existing messages:

import cnotes
notes = cnotes.get_and_clear()
for note in notes:
        print note

Similar action without clearing:

import cnotes
notes = cnotes.get()
for note in notes:
        print note

You can also access cnotes from the request object:

def my_view(request):

        messages = request.cnotes

        return render_to_response( 'my_view.html'), {
                'messages': messages,


If set to True (default) the cnotes middlware will clear messages one they have been made available on a non-ajax request object.