Django backend for CockroachDB

pip install django-cockroachdb==3.2.4


CockroachDB backend for Django


You must install either:

The binary package is a practical choice for development and testing but in production it is advised to use the package built from sources.

Install and usage

Use the version of django-cockroachdb that corresponds to your version of Django. For example, to get the latest compatible release for Django 4.1.x:

pip install django-cockroachdb==4.1.*

The minor release number of Django doesn't correspond to the minor release number of django-cockroachdb. Use the latest minor release of each.

Configure the Django DATABASES setting similar to this:

    'default': {
        'ENGINE': 'django_cockroachdb',
        'NAME': 'django',
        'USER': 'myprojectuser',
        'PASSWORD': '',
        'HOST': 'localhost',
        'PORT': '26257',
        # If connecting with SSL, include the section below, replacing the
        # file paths as appropriate.
        'OPTIONS': {
            'sslmode': 'verify-full',
            'sslrootcert': '/certs/ca.crt',
            # Either sslcert and sslkey (below) or PASSWORD (above) is
            # required.
            'sslcert': '/certs/client.myprojectuser.crt',
            'sslkey': '/certs/client.myprojectuser.key',
            # If applicable
            'options': '--cluster={routing-id}',

If using Kerberos authentication, you can specify a custom service name in 'OPTIONS' using the key 'krbsrvname'.

Notes on Django fields

  • IntegerField uses the same storage as BigIntegerField so IntegerField is introspected by inspectdb as BigIntegerField.

  • AutoField and BigAutoField are both stored as integer (64-bit) with DEFAULT unique_rowid().

Notes on Django QuerySets

  • QuerySet.explain() accepts verbose, types, opt, vec, and distsql options which correspond to CockroachDB's parameters. For example:

    >>> Choice.objects.explain(opt=True, verbose=True)
    'scan polls_choice\n ├── columns: id:1 question_id:4 choice_text:2 votes:3\n ├── stats: [rows=1]\n ├── cost: 1.1\n ├── key: (1)\n ├── fd: (1)-->(2-4)\n └── prune: (1-4)'


GIS support

To use django.contrib.gis with CockroachDB, use 'ENGINE': 'django_cockroachdb_gis' in Django's DATABASES setting.

Disabling CockroachDB telemetry

By default, CockroachDB sends the version of django-cockroachdb that you're using back to Cockroach Labs. To disable this, set DISABLE_COCKROACHDB_TELEMETRY = True in your Django settings.

Known issues and limitations in CockroachDB 22.2.x and earlier

Known issues and limitations in CockroachDB 22.1.x and earlier

  • QuerySet.select_for_update(skip_locked=True) isn't supported.

Known issues and limitations in CockroachDB 21.2.x and earlier