Adds converse.js (javascript XMPP client) to Django

pip install django-conversejs==0.3.4



This app aims to make easier to integrate Converse.js into Django.

Currently django-conversejs provides:

  • A minified distribution of converse.js
  • Template tags to help you to include converse.js on your Django project
  • A database model to store the XMPP user and password for each user
  • Converse.js configurations through
  • Single-sign-on (SSO) like experience

Installing and configuring

Install django-conversejs:

pip install git+

Add conversejs to installed apps in your


Configure the BOSH service URL in your


Load the static files in your templates using django-conversejs custom tags:

{% load conversejs %}
  {% conversejs_static %}

Load the chat panel and the Javascript initilizalizer also using our custom tags:

{% load conversejs %}

  {% conversejs_chatpanel %}
  {% conversejs_initialize %}

Update database schema:

python syncdb
python migrate # optional

Adding an XMPP account

  • Log in the Django Admin
  • Add an XMPP account by clicking in the '+ Add' button
  • Choose the user from the select box and them type the JabberID and password for the account

Now everytime the select user your logs in your site he will be automatically logged in the XMPP server using the credentials you provided.

Enabling XMPP auto registration

By enabling auto registration django-conversejs will attempt to create a new XMPP account for every user that doesn't have one as soon as they login in your site.

To enable you just need to add the CONVERSEJS_AUTO_REGISTER option to your setting it to the domain of your XMPP service. Notice that the XMPP server and the BOSH service URL are two different things.

For example:



In the example above Django will get the username from request.user.username and try to register under the xmpp domain, so if an user john logs in it would try to register

If registration fails for any reason django-conversejs will attempt again on every request. That's something to be improved.


If you want to create custom forms to keep the look and feel of your site you can use conversejs.forms as a start point.

Converse.js Version

We currently ship Converse.js v0.6.4 (patched).

If you need a newer version, please open an issue or a pull request.


  • Write tests
  • Allow user reset XMPP account password. That's useful to allow the use of other xmpp clients.
  • Allow user to set avatar
  • Auto update XMPP name and email when those are updated in django (using signals)