A simple Django application that adds Discord entities and SSO handling

pip install django-discord-connector==1.0.0


Django Discord Connector

Django Discord Connector is a saimple Django application that adds models, urls, and Celery tasks to help manage Discord entities.

There are several behaviors that the application will add:

  1. Automatically adding discord roles when adding attached DjangoGroup objects to a User
  2. Periodically syncing Discord entities with information from the Discord server


  1. Add django_discord_connector to your INSTALLED_APPS
  2. Include the django_discord_connector URLs in your
  3. Run python3 migrate to create the django_discord_connector tables
  4. Create a DiscordClient in the administration panel


The Django Discord Connector adds settings which change the behavior of the celery tasks and other functionality.

Setting Values Description
DJANGO_DISCORD_REMOTE_PRIORITY True / False sync_discord_user_discord_groups will update the DiscordUser according to the remote Discord groups, instead of the local groups.

Provided URLs

URL Name Description
django-discord-connector-sso-callback The callback url for SSO tokens (sso/callback)
django-discord-connector-sso-token-add Redirects users to the SSO login for Discord
django-discord-connector-sso-token-remove Removes an SSO token (expects kwarg pk)

Provided Celery Tasks

Task Name Action
sync_discord_users Updates all information and groups for a DiscordUser
sync_discord_groups Updates all DiscordGroup objects with groups from Discord server
sync_discord_channels Updates all DiscordChannel objects with channels from Discord server