Django Ember.js integration

pip install django-ember==0.3.1


Django Ember

Django Ember help integrates Ember.js in Django. It use Django.js as base and is inspired from:


Django Ember requires Python 2.6+, Django 1.4.2+ and Django.js 0.7.6+.


You can install Django Ember with pip:

pip install django-ember

or with easy_install:

easy_install django-ember

Add djangojs and ember to your settings.INSTALLED_APPS.

Django Ember depends on Django.js. It will be installed by pip/easy_install. If you want to use Django.js feature, add djangojs to your settings.INSTALLED_APPS.

Template tags

Loading template tags

You can either:

  • load the template tag lib into each template manually:
{% load ember %}
  • load the template tag lib by adding to your
from django.template import add_to_builtins


JS Libraries templates tags

Tag JS Library
{% handlebars_js %} Handlebars.js (1.0.0-rc.4)
{% ember_js %} Ember.js (1.0.0-RC.6.1)
{% ember_data_js %} Ember Data (0.13-78-g9602df4)
{% tastypie_adapter_js %} Ember Data Tastypie Adapter (9db4b9a)
{% ember_full_js %} Ember.js + Handlebars.js + jQuery (optionnal)
{% emberpie_js %} Ember.js + Handlebars.js + jQuery (optionnal) + Ember Data + Tastypie Adapter


{% ember_full_js %}

Will render into insert the follwing JS lib script tags:

  • Ember.js
  • Handlebars.js
  • jQuery

jQuery loading is optionnal for {% ember_full_js %} and {% emberpie_js %} tags. Simply set jquery keyword to false:

{% ember_full_js jquery=false %}
{% emberpie_js jquery=false %}

If settings.DEBUG=True the unminified versions of library is loaded instead of the minified versions if settings.DEBUG=False.

JS Template helpers

Django Ember the {% handlebars %} allow to easily write handlebars template for Ember.js. Call the template tag, and write your Handlebars template:

{% handlebars "tpl-infos" %}
    {{total}} {% trans "result(s)." %}
    <p>{% trans "Min" %}: {{min}}</p>
    <p>{% trans "Max" %}: {{max}}</p>
{% endhandlebars %}

The following block will be rendered in your page:

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="tpl-infos">
    {{total}} result(s).
    <p>Min: {{min}}</p>
    <p>Max: {{max}}</p>

There is a linkTo helper:

<li class="nav">{% linkto "about" %}About{% endlinkto %}</li>

The following block will be rendered in your page:

<li class="nav">{{#linkTo "about"}}About{{/linkTo}}</li>

When using verbatim style tags sometimes it is hard to spot what is Ember and what is Django; the purpose of this generic ember tag is making it easier.


{% ember varname %}
{% ember #tagname arg1 "arg2" ... argn %} ... {% ember /tagname %}

{# example: #}
{% ember #if spam %}
     SPAM: {% ember spam %}
{% ember else %}
     No spam for you. Try with eggs.
{% ember /if %}

This will render as:

{{#tagname arg1 "arg2" ... argn}} ... {{/tagname}}

{{#if spam}}
     SPAM: {{spam}}
     No spam for you. Try with eggs.


  • Lesser GNU Public License
  • Handlebars.js is released under the MIT license - Copyright 2011 Yehuda Katz