A Django implementation of the Puppet Forge API.

pip install django-forge==0.7.1




For those with short attention spans, the following creates a full mirror of the Puppet Forge:

$ virtualenv forge
$ source forge/bin/activate
$ pip install django-forge
$ migrate --noinput
$ sync_forge
$ runserver

Point your Puppet configuration file (/etc/puppet.conf or ~/.puppet/puppet.conf) to the forge:

    module_repository = http://localhost:8000

You should now be able search and install with puppet module.

Publishing can be done with interface at /admin/ -- create an account with:

$ ./ createsuperuser


The Puppet Forge ( is a central authority for finding and installing Puppet modules. This package implements the first version (v1) and third version (v3) of the JSON web services necessary to house (or mirror) a private, stand-alone version of the Forge.

Simplicity and ease-of-use are goals of this package.


This version of the Puppet Forge is undocumented, and the resources here were reverse-engineered from the behavior of the current API endpoints (which are buried in the Puppet module tool source code). Care is taken to try and imitate the behavior of this API whenever possible.


Puppet Labs fully documented and shared the v3 standard with the community, see for further details. This package only implements the subset of this API necessary to talk to open source Puppet 3.6+ clients.