Django app that creates forms based on Government Digital Services style guide

django, govuk, template, forms, elements, frontend, toolkit
pip install django-govuk-forms==0.7


Django GOV.UK Forms

This library has not yet been updated to use the new Design system

It should be easy to make a Django-based service that follows Government Digital Services’ style guide and reference materials.

This Django app allows forms to be output using the HTML that can be styled using GOV.UK elements. The styles themselves are provided by another package [1].

NB: Until version 1.0, there is likely going to be a lot of variation in the api, so it’s a good idea to pin a specific minor version.


  • Install django-govuk-forms or django-govuk-template[forms]
  • Add govuk_forms to INSTALLED_APPS
  • Inherit forms from govuk_forms.forms.GOVUKForm and use widgets from govuk_forms.widgets

See the demo folder in this repository on GitHub, it is not included in distributions.


Please report bugs and open pull requests on GitHub.

Use python test to run all tests.

This repository does not need to be updated for every release of GDS’s packages, only breaking changes for overridden components may need fixes.

If any localisable strings change, run python makemessages compilemessages.

Distribute a new version to PyPi by updating the VERSION tuple in govuk_forms and run python compilemessages sdist bdist_wheel upload.

To do

  • Is HTML creation mechanic good?


Copyright (C) 2018 HM Government (Ministry of Justice Digital Services). See LICENSE.txt for further details.