Registration through invitations

pip install django-inviting==0.6.1



This package is no longer maintained.

Built on top of django-registration, django-inviting handles registration through invitations.


  • Invitations can be optional or required to be registered.
  • Admin integration
  • Adding available invitations with custom performance and rewarding algorithms. (for invite only mode)


This application depends on django-registration.

  1. Add "django-inviting" directory to your Python path.
  2. Add "invitation" to your INSTALLED_APPS tuple found in your settings file.
  3. Include "invitation.urls" to your URLconf.

Testing & Example



You can configure django-inviting app's behaviour with the following settings:

INVITATION_INVITE_ONLY: Set this to True if you want registration to be only possible via invitations. Default value is False.
INVITATION_EXPIRE_DAYS: How many days before an invitation is expired. Default value is 15.
INVITATION_INITIAL_INVITATIONS: How many invitations are available to new users. If INVITATION_INVITE_ONLY is False this setting has no effect. Default value is 10.
INVITATION_PERFORMANCE_FUNC: A method that takes an InvitationStats instance and returns a float between 0.0 and 1.0. You can supply a custom performance method by reference or by import path as a string. Default value is None. If a custom performance function is not supplied one of the default performance functions in invitation.models will be used according to INVITATION_INVITE_ONLY value.
INVITATION_REWARD_THRESHOLD: A float that determines which users are rewarded. Default value is 0.75.

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