Django app allowing users to manually order objects via admin.

pip install django-order==0.0.7


Django Order

Django app allowing users to manually order objects via admin.

Provides an additional order tool within admin with which objects can be ordered by any number of arbitrary settings defined fields. A user_order_by queryset method allows for retrieval of objects as they were ordered by users via admin.


  1. Install or add django-order to your Python path.

  2. Install django-object-tools as described here.

  3. Add order to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.

  4. Add an ORDERABLE_MODELS setting to your project's file. This settings is a dictionary containing model-app label strings for those models you want to make orderable as keys. Values take the form of a tupple containing field names on which you want the relevant model to be orderable. I.e. to make the User model orderable for hypothetical home and users pages, add the following ORDERABLE_MODELS setting:

        'auth.User': ('home', 'users'),



Once a model has been registered as orderable an additional Order object tool should be visible on the model's change list view.

You can order your items using this tool for each field name specified for you orderable model.


With the order app installed all queryset objects will have a new user_order_by method. This method behaves exactly the same as Django's builtin order_by method except that it expects one of the settings defined field names for the model being queried. It will order the queryset based on the field name you provide. For example, to order users for the home page in our hypothetical example you would use the method as follows: