An extension for Oscar to include stores

django, oscar, e-commerce
pip install django-oscar-stores==0.0.1a


Oscar stores


This is an extension for django-oscar that adds support for stores. It provides:

  • A store locator page using Google maps for geocoding. It also supports using the browser's location to show the nearest stores.
  • Store detail pages including opening hours
  • Store groups
  • A dashboard for managing stores

It's highly extensible and can be used as a foundation for building sophisticated stores functionality within Oscar sites.


Customer-facing pages:

Dashboard pages:


GeoDjango is used so a spatial database is required. We recommend PostGIS. Django's docs include some installation instructions although it is renowned for being tricky.

Spatialite is another option although it can be tricky to set up. On Ubuntu, you can do the following:

$ sudo apt-get install spatialite-bin libspatialite3 libgeos++-dev libgdal-dev libproj0

The pysqlite python package is also required although it doesn't support C extensions by default. To work-around this, there are two options:

  1. Download the package, edit setup.cfg to enable C extensions and install:
$ pip install pysqlite --no-install
$ vim $VIRTUAL_ENV/build/pysqlite/setup.cfg
$ pip install pysqlite
  1. Use a custom branch:
$ pip install git+git://


First, ensure you are using a spatial database and have django-oscar installed.

Install package:

$ pip install django-oscar-stores

Then add stores and stores.dashboard to INSTALLED_APPS.

Now update your root

from django.views.i18n import JavaScriptCatalog

urls = [
    # basic configuration for Oscar
    path('', include(apps.get_app_config('oscar').urls[0])),

    # adds URLs for the dashboard store manager
    path('dashboard/stores/', apps.get_app_config('stores_dashboard').urls),

    # adds URLs for overview and detail pages
    path('stores/', apps.get_app_config('stores').urls),

    # adds internationalization URLs
    path('jsi18n/', JavaScriptCatalog.as_view(), name='javascript-catalog'),


  • GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY (default: not set). Maps API key for use with Maps and Geocode APIs. You must provide this key.
  • STORES_GEOGRAPHIC_SRID (default: 3577). This is used for distance calculations. See for more details.
  • STORES_GEODETIC_SRID (default: 4326).
  • STORES_MAX_SEARCH_DISTANCE (default: None). This filters stores in queries by distance. Units can be set using distance object:
from django.contrib.gis.measure import D
# Maximal distance of 150 miles
# Maximal distance of 150 kilometers


There is sandbox site within the repo which is a sample Oscar project that uses the stores extension. Set this up with:

$ make sandbox

This loads a fixture which provides a superuser to test the dashboard with:

username: superuser
password: testing

Run tests with:

$ pytest


django-oscar-stores is released under the permissive New BSD license.