django-pipeline compiler for browserify, requires browserify to be installed.

pip install django-pipeline-browserify==0.6.2


Django Pipeline Browserify

django-pipeline-browserify is a compiler for django-pipeline (requires 16.9+). Making it really easy to use browserify with Django via pipeline.

To install it:

sudo npm install -g browserify
pip install django-pipeline-browserify

And add it as a compiler to pipeline in your django

    # ...
    'COMPILERS': ('pipeline_browserify.compiler.BrowserifyCompiler', ),
    # ...

To add source maps during development (or any other browserify args):


Passing arguments as an array makes sure they are safely unambiguous, but the way browserify lets you pass nested arguments within brackets can make this very tedious:

# this is very unreadable, and hard to maintain!
PIPELINE['BROWSERIFY_ARGS'] = ['--transform', '[', 'babelify', '--presets', '[', 'es2015', 'react', ']', '--plugins', '[', 'transform-object-rest-spread', 'transform-class-properties', ']', ']']

To avoid this, when you know that no individual argument has a space within it, simply split the arguments yourself:

# the easy way :-)
PIPELINE['BROWSERIFY_ARGS'] = "--transform [ babelify --presets [ es2015 react ] --plugins [ transform-object-rest-spread transform-class-properties ] ]".split()

To set environment varaibles specific to the browserify command:


(Note that for an actual production build, this example is not sufficient. You'll probably want to use a transform like loose-envify so the minifier can optimize out debug statements. Browserify doesn't usually pass environment variables like that shown above into the compiled code; but it may effect the runtime behavior of browserify itself.)

To use a local install of the browserify command line utility (or if it is not in your PATH for some other reason), you can override the command used:

PIPELINE['BROWSERIFY_BINARY'] = "/custom/path/to/browserify"

# ...or perhaps something like this:
PIPELINE['BROWSERIFY_BINARY'] = os.path.join(REPO_ROOT, "node_modules/.bin", "browserify"),

Important: give your entry-point file a .browserify.js extension:

    # ...
        'browserify': {
            'source_filenames' : (
            'output_filename': 'js/entry-point.js',

To suggest a feature or report a bug: