Postal code management (without the PostGIS requirement).

pip install django-postalcodes-light==0.2.1


Django Postal Codes

A simple data model for storing postal codes with placenames and location.


The recommended installing method is with pip:

pip install django-postalcodes-light

You can also clone the repository and install from source:

python install

Getting data

Postal code data is available from a number of sources, typically on a country by country basis. The United States Census Bureau maintains the Gazetteer database, including detailed postal code data. The GeoNames geographical database also provides postal code data for international postal codes (and other places).

This project uses the column names specified by GeoNames and includes a management to import and update data from GeoNames:

python import_postalcodes US

Additional files can be imported by specifying each country code. Multiple country codes may be provided on one line, e.g.:

python import_postalcodes FR IT