A Django app to integrate with quickbooks.

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pip install django-quickbooks==0.6.3


Django Quickbooks

This is an ongoing project to integrate any Django project with Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online. Quickbooks integration support for Python 3.6+ and Django 2.0+

Version: 0.6.3
Keywords: quickbooks,quickbooks-django,django,quickbooks-desktop,quickbooks-online,qb,qbwc,qwc,integration,django-quickbooks


Quickbooks Desktop

  • Soap session handling for 8 basic quickbooks web connector operations:
    1. authenticate()
    2. clientVersion()
    3. closeConnection()
    4. connectionError()
    5. getLastError()
    6. getServerVersion()
    7. receiveResponseXML()
    8. sendRequestXML()
    9. interactiveDone() - not really implemented
    10. interactiveRejected() - not really implemented
    11. interactiveUrl() - not really implemented
  • Several Realm management model (for handling multiple web connector integration)
  • Realm Session management model (for handling concurrent web connector connections)
  • QuickBooks Task management model (for handling object synchronization updates)
  • Abstract Processor implementation for easier QBXML response handling
  • Abstract Object implementation for easier QBXML bidirectional data conversion
  • Abstract Service implementation for easier QBXML object manipulation

Quickbooks Online



  • Quickbooks Desktop Integration (most of the job is done, but can be improved)
  • Add all other remaining quickbooks objects (or most important ones)
  • Add all other remaining services (or most important ones)
  • Add all other remaining processors (or most important ones)
  • Quickbooks Online Integration (or most important ones)


  • Python 3.6+
  • Django 2.0+
  • RabbitMQ (or reimplementation of QueueManager)
  • Celery (for handling asynchronous tasks)


Soap server for Quickbooks Web Connector is built on top of Spyne and Lxml.

Setup & Documentation

This is just a short guide for quickstart, however



This library could not be possible without contributions from other open-source projects. Thanks for quickbooks-php for giving the concept of creating quickbooks toolkit. Thanks for Django_to_QuickBooks_API and pyqwc for giving core realization of soap server which made this library possible.