A Django CMS plugin to show a list of feeds.

django, cms, plugin, django-rss-plugin
pip install django-rss-plugin==0.1.0


Django CMS RSS Plugin

Simple plugin to show a a rss feed in your django cms site.


  • Show specified number of feeds in the page.
  • You can choose to open the feed in current window or new window.
  • Show any rss feed you specified, it can be your external rss url, or your internal rss relative url like '/myblog/rss'.
  • The feed list would be cached for specified time long.
  • You can choose the template of your RSS feed or use the default



$ pip install django-rss-plugin

Add rssplugin to your INSTALLED_APPS in Django settings.py file, Like following:


Run south migrate to install plugin database:

$ python manage.py migrate rssplugin

If no south, just run:

$ python manage.py syncdb

template filter

  1. parsed_to_date:

    {% load rss_tags %}
    {{ entry.published_parsed|parsed_to_date|timesince }}

see rss.html for usage examples.

Notice, both external link like 'http://example.com/rss' and internal link like '/blog/rss' are supported.

Using custom template

Use CMS_RSS_PLUGIN_TEMPLATE = "path_to_your_template.html" in settings.py to set a custom template, default is rss/rss.html.

Feed timeout

Use CMS_RSS_PLUGIN_FEEDPARSER_TIMEOUT = seconds in settings.py to set a custom socket timeout, default is 60

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