Templatetags for 'tweet this' and 'share on facebook'

pip install django-shareable==0.2.7


Django Shareable

Provides tempatetags for 'Tweet This' and 'Share this on Facebook'.

A fork of django-social-share by Flavio Curella.


$ pip install django-shareable

Add the app to INSTALLED_APPS:

INSTALLED_APPS += ['django_shareable']

It's recommended to add django.core.context_processors.request to your `` TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS`` list. This way the templatetags will use the correct scheme and hostname.

If django.core.context_processors.request is not present, it will simply concatenate the current site's domain (from django.contrib.sites) and the object's relative URL together.


{% post_to_facebook <object_or_url> <link_text> %}

{% post_to_twitter <text_to_post> <object_or_url> <link_text> %}

<text_to_post> may contain any valid Django Template code. Note that Facebook does not support this anymore.

<object_or_url> is optional. If you pass a django model instance, it will use its get_absolute_url method. Additionally, if you have django_bitly installed, it will use its shortUrl on Twitter.

<link_text> is also optional. It defines the text used for the a element. Defaults to 'Post to Facebook' and 'Post to Twitter'

{% post_to_twitter_url <text_to_post> <object_or_url> %}

Will add a tweet_url variable to the context, containing the URL for the Twitter sharer popup.

{% post_to_facebook_url <object_or_url> %}

Will add a facebook_url variable to the context, containing the URL for the Facebook sharer popup.


{% load social_share %}

{% post_to_facebook object_or_url "Post to Facebook!" %}
{% post_to_twitter "New Song: {{object.title}}. Check it out!" object_or_url "Post to Twitter" %}

Templates are in django_shareable/templatetags/post_to_twitter.html and django_shareable/templatetags/post_to_facebook.html. You can override them to suit your mileage.