A simple pagination app for Django.

pagination, simple-pagination
pip install django-simple-pagination==1.3

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Django Simple Pagination is a simple Django app to for digg-style pagination with little effort.

Documentation is avaliable online, or in the docs directory of the project.

Quick start

  1. Install 'Django-Simple-Pagination' using the following command:

    pip install django-simple-pagination
  2. Add simple_pagination to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:

  3. In templates use {% load paginate %} to load all pagination template tags

  4. In templates use {% paginate no_of_records entities %} to get pagination objects.

    Here no_of_records means no of objects to display in a page and entities means the list of objects

  5. In templates use {% show_pageitems %} to get digg-style page links.

Questions, Comments, etc?

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