django-smartagent is the fastest and most complete user agent parser

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pip install django-smartagent==0.1.1




Author: James Pacileo @ignighted
Version: 0.1.0
Description: django-smartagent is a lightning fast and complete browser, OS and device detection utility. It includes various mobile site targeted features.
Requirements: Django 1.2+


Install from PyPI

pip install django-smartagent


easy_install django-smartagent

To install the app add smartagent to INSTALLED_APPS


Add the middleware


The middleware is used to attach the browser characteristics to the request object, which will be accessible through request.browser_info

User-Agent data file

Django-SmartAgent comes pre-packaged with a data file containing browser info agents_basic.pkl. The datafile is built using various resources on the net and generated to be made compatible with the library.

You can grab the latest datafile from github

Once you grab the latest data file, place it under your project folder. To inform Django-SmartAgent of the file location you need to edit by adding:

    'AGENT_DATASET_LOCATION': '/path/to/agent_data_set.pkl',

Utilities for mobile sites

As it is popular for sites to have a mobile version, there are a few utility methods within the project.

A render_to decorator (based on django-annoying's render_to) renders a page using a desktop or mobile version of a site, depending if the user-agent is a mobile device or not.

@render_to(template='desktop_template.html', mobile_template='mobile_template.html')
def page(request):

    articles = Articles.objects.all()[:30]
    return {
        'articles': articles,

which is the equivalent of:

def page(request):

    articles = Articles.objects.all()[:30]
    if request.browser_info.get('ismobiledevice') and not request.session.get('force_desktop_version'):
        return render_to_response('mobile_tempalte.html', {'articles':articles, },
    return render_to_response('desktop_tempalte.html', {'articles':articles, },

Two utility URLs exist which are used to force/unforce the desktop vesion of the site. This is due to users not always wanting to view the mobile version of the site.

  • smartagent/force_desktop_version/ forces the desktop version for mobile sites
  • smartagent/unforce_desktop_version unforces the desktop version, forcing mobile devices to view the mobile version
urlpatterns = patterns('',
    (r'^smartagent/', include('smartagent.urls')))


A settings variable can be added to your project settings.

The structure is the following:



django-smartagent adds the browser_info dictionary to the request object containing features associated with the user's browser.

Fields exposed within browser_data
cdf If Channel Definition Format is supported
activexcontrols If activexcontrols are supported
cookies If cookies are supported
supportscss If CSS is supported
cssversion Max CSS version supported
majorver Major version
tables If tables are supported
iframes If iframes are supported
vbscript If browser supports Visaul Basic scripting
platform Host platform of the user's browser
version Host OS version
javaapplets If browser supports Java Applets
backgroundsounds If browser supports background sounds
win64 If the host OS is 64bit
javascript If browser supports Javascript
beta If browser is a beta distribution
alpha If browser is an alpha distribution
minorver Minor version
issyndicationreader If user agent is a syndacation reader
win32 If the host OS is 32bit
ismobiledevice If host machine is a mobile device
crawler If user agent is a web crawler
win16 If the host OS is 16bit
browser Browser's name