A Django app that will create a pluggable django-cms testimony form and content plugin within your project..

django, cms, theme
pip install django-testimony==0.0.2



A Django app that creates django-cms testimony content display plugin on a CMS page. There is an option for static display of a specified number of testimonials or animated scrollers as well.


  • django
  • django-cms

Getting Started

The easiest way is to use pip to install the app in your python environment like so:

pip install django-testimonial

Then add the plugin to your Django-CMS project at the bottom of the file. Something like so:

INSTALLED_APPS += ( 'testimony', )

Perform the usual syncdb and migrate to update your database:

python syncdb
python migrate

And you are done.


Add the plugin to a page and then go to your admin area to add some testimonials. Mark the ones you want to see as published. Thats it!

Advanced Usage

You can add or change the templates available in the admin by creating a setting like the following in your file:

if 'testimony' in INSTALLED_APPS:
        ('testimony/list_default.html', gettext('Default list (stationary)')),
        ('testimony/rotator.html', gettext('Continuous scroll (animated)')),
        ('testimony/vticker.html', gettext('Scroll and pause (animated)')),

Whats next?

Adding the testimonial collection form as a plugin, with optional captcha support.