A token based form field+widget for Django

pip install django-tokenfield


django-tokenfield - A token based form field+widget for Django

django-tokenfield provides a token based form field for Django. Its interface is very similar to the message recipient input on Facebook or iOS. It behaves as a normal text field but allows custom placeholders to be inserted at any position.

It allows normal string data that may contain predefined placeholder tokens.

One use-case is when you want to collect a "destination filename" for a set of records

It's original use was in a tool that allowed database records to be dumped to individual files.

Its features include:


  • knockout.js
  • jQuery

Using the field is as simple as:

from django_tokenfield import TokenField

class ArticleTemplate(forms.Form):
    title = TokenField()

import django_tables2 as tables

class SimpleTable(tables.Table):
    class Meta:
        model = Simple

This would then be used in a view:

def simple_list(request):
    queryset = Simple.objects.all()
    table = SimpleTable(queryset)
    return render_to_response("simple_list.html", {"table": table},

And finally in the template:

{% load django_tables2 %}
{% render_table table %}

This example shows one of the simplest cases, but django-tables2 can do a lot more! Check out the documentation for more details.

Building the documentation

If you want to build the docs from within a virtualenv, use:

make html SPHINXBUILD="python $(which sphinx-build)"