Django app for easy embeding Vimeo videos.

vimeo, video
pip install django-vimeo==0.1.8



Django module for easy embedding Vimeo videos into app.

Quick start

  1. Install django-vimeo:

    pip install django-vimeo

    or from sources

    pip install git+
  2. Add django_vimeo to INSTALLED_APPS in your Django settings.

  3. Add credentials into settings.

    Create new application in

    VIMEO_CLIENT_ID = 'client id'
    VIMEO_CLIENT_SECRET = 'client secret'
    VIMEO_ACCESS_TOKEN = 'access token'

    For activate use cache

    VIMEO_CACHE_BACKEND = 'default' # Default: None
    VIMEO_CACHE_EXPIRES = 300 # Default: 300 seconds
    "If 'VIMEO_CACHE_BACKEND' not setted or 'None', cache will be not used"
  4. Usage of template tags:

    {% load django_vimeo_tags %}
    The video tag:
    {% vimeo width=600 as video %}
       <video width="600" loop="loop" autoplay="autoplay" poster="{{ }}">
           <source src="{{ video.optimal_file.link_secure }}" type='{{ video.optimal_file.type }}'>
           {% trans 'tag "video" not supported by your browser' %}
           <a href="{{ }}">{% trans 'download video' %}</a>.
    {% endvimeo %}
    Or embed shortcut:
    {% vimeo width=600 %}
  5. Usage of model fields

    from django.db import models
    from django_vimeo import fields
    class ExampleModel(models.Model):
       video = fields.VimeoField(null=True, blank=True)